14 c dating fiasco shroud turin

If one of the accounts were to be accepted as accurate, would it even have much significance?If you set out to study these issues in depth, you enter a labyrinth of garbled information, without much guidance and without a lot of hope of accomplishing much. Eyewitnesses and other sources relevant to the events in question are gradually dying off.- What Sue Benford reported about her alleged telephone conversation with Rossman is unlikely to have occurred in a couple of ways.For one thing, it's unlikely that Rossman would confess to a stranger over the telephone.

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We have the blog set up that way in order to avoid having posts appear in old threads without our knowing of it. Often, a historical core of information will be surrounded by a lot of misinformation and contradictions (e.g., early reports of the death of Osama bin Laden).

For these and other reasons, I think it's very likely that what Benford reported about Rossman is incorrect, and I think it's likely that Rossman wasn't involved in the 1982 test.

After I published my comments above in the original edition of this article, I discussed the subject with Joe Marino, Benford's husband, in a thread here.

" In a presentation on May 11, 1995, Thomas D'Muhala, former president of STURP, referred to a scientist who conducted a pre-1988 dating test on the Shroud as "Jerry Wasserberg".

It should be noted that the web site I just linked contains a transcript written by somebody who videotaped D'Muhala's presentation. So, the spelling of the scientist's name can't be attributed to D'Muhala.

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