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One of the best and most fully realized, though it barely dipped its toes into true electric rock, was the young Jessie Colin Young's second solo album, predating the formation of the fully plugged-in band with which he'd rise to stardom, the Youngbloods.

Less of a force on the hit parade, but of equal musical magnificence and nearly as influential in the long run, were the records by more cultish bands like Love, and pioneers of the singer-songwriter movement such as Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen.

In their brief recording career, they were among the first folkies to go electric.

Yet despite their colorful lives, deaths, and collective accomplishments -- and despite being written about at length in David Hajdu's popular 2001 book , which examines the interrelationships between the Fariñas, Joan Baez, and Bob Dylan at fascinating length -- they've never quite accumulated the cult following they merit.

What they all have in common, however, is that none of them ever achieved the respect they deserved.

Indeed, in many cases they were never even heard by folk-rock fans who came of age in the era, though fortunately many of the records have gained a widening cult audience as their creators have been rediscovered in the last decade or so.

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