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A common strategy is to offer a limited number sessions so there is urgency to sign up right away.Example: “I’m offering a 1 hour private coaching session for only to the first 10 people who sign up.” This strategy helps you collect leads and close sales very efficiently. Install our acclaimed mobile apps and take your Gruveo calls on the go. We've implemented enterprise-level features into Gruveo so that when you need a particular tool for your call, it's just one click away.Explain the problem and offer your solution in the training.After the training is complete, you can present your 1-on-1 coaching offer and provide a link to purchase a session.Learn more about hosting a live hangout with 22Social here.To establish a trusting relationship and prove your expertise, you can offer a free video, report, download, or even a free consultation to attract and collect leads. A great way to get peoples attention is to offer a big prize giveaway.

When you have questions of a more sensitive nature that you'd prefer not to share with the entire group, you can submit questions to the Coaches and get personal, direct responses within one business day.

be able to watch the replays of workshops you're unable to attend live.

You'll gain instant access to the entire vault of past live learning workshops immediately upon subscribing to one of the 4 private coaching plans.

To do this, you just need to have them get their own affiliate link and share it.

If someone buys a 1-on-1 session through their affiliate link, then they will get paid an affiliate commission after 30 days.

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