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We wrote it all down and began rehearsing the play, cutting, adding, and rearranging as we worked.I'm sure there are many, many construction workers working in New York City who don't make catcalls, but my ex-wife had on many occasions had to put up with salacious outbursts from construction workers, and it just seemed like the perfect starting off point to poke a little fun at those guys.In many cases there is an edited version of the play which is appropriate for high schools.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Last night we made plans to hang out tonight since I get out of work earlier than usual on Fridays. I sent him a text message telling him I am looking forward to it, and to call me when he gets a chance.Gee (his name) I'd love to make plans to do that with you; but I'm concerned that you might decide last minute to cancel on me like you did the last time.I certainly understand sometimes emergencies might come up; but I don't appreciate you ditching me for another friend after we had ALREADY made plans.All About Biffo is a little like the movie All About Eve.

There is no reason to "wait by the phone" that's what voice mail is for. Thanks for the advice here, but what do I do about him?Really only you can decide what you do, we can only suggest and advise.Between last thread and this it seems more and more likely that he's not really the one to keep your energy involved in....examines men in combat in general and American soldiers in Iraq in particular. was a finalist in the Actor's Theatre of Louisville's "10 Minute Play Contest" in 1994.Bobeck is a good ole boy from the American South who joined the army, he says, to avoid jail; he has no illusions about the war's meaning or value and cares little how he treats his newly acquired Iraqi 'prisoner' so long as he keeps himself alive. It was one of the few ten minute plays (out of about 1800 submissions) to be chosen that year to be produced at their Victor Jory Theatre, December, 1994.

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