Adult chatrooms w o e mail orpasswords

I mean, it's missing features like searching by name (there's a workaround by going to calls, putting in the name, and choosing SMS) and other things, but it's worth it to be able to type and copy paste texts.Hangouts on Desktop though is horrible Can you please elaborate on why you think so? Maybe it is because it was horrible before and I', using a newer version?They will use this approach to figure out which features work and back port them into their legacy apps. But this requires you and all your friends to sign up to yet another system, with yet another account. A feature coming to maybe a fraction of phones some day in the future several years too late is not "a big advantage."It's as disadvantageous a spot as you can be in, and Google put themselves there by squandering their multiple previous big advantages. Which is why its so entire family and friends circle runs on Whats App. I have never interacted with Whats App and felt frustrated or lost."Try this app, at has some features that may or may not make it into Hangouts" is not a great sell for my friends. If Google can show that you can Duo anyone and it works as well, then they may switch, perhaps even to their very own Nexus devices. Photo sharing, video sharing, voice calls, video calls ... The lack of desktop interface didnt feel like losing something becasue it was never there to start with.given Google's history, I don't trust them to do a decent UI that works for everyone or the longevity.Several other search engines fizzled underneath Yahoo's reign, Google would've been no exception has it not been for Yahoo's miscalculation.

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Duo makes me ask the same question now - why do I want this as opposed to just Hangouts, unless video is going to be removed from Hangouts or only Duo is going to get improved performance updates.Hangouts on Desktop though is horrible, and it's integration into Gmail is frustrating at best (it took them a long time to get something as simple as status messages back to Hangouts after the switch).I get the impression Google saw what was happening with Slack and wanted Hangouts to be that (and also a successor to Wave); a persistent "better than email" communication method with every bell and whistle you could want for communication.I am on the same boat as you, using Hangouts for video calls quite frequently. I know these will be preinstalled on Android, but many friends and family use i OS and I will feel silly asking them to install Duo and Allo. They are squandering the small amount of momentum Hangouts has.Instead of releasing a new app like Duo, they should have first fixed performance issues with Hangouts and added this as an update. Hangouts is able to mix voice, video and text just fine. Google's communications strategy has been bafflingly dumb for years and years now.

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