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It's no different now than it was in 1980.”Coleman did offer that Bedrock Oil and Gas is an exploration company “that has the capability and expertise to prove up any basin on the face of the earth.”Iles stressed that he and the state geological survey were uncertain as to exactly what's under the surface of the land Bedrock purchased as far as hydrocarbons were concerned.At this point any oil and gas exploration in the area is just as likely to yield a boom as it is a bust.“What you're looking at is, you saw a successful state sale that stimulated a little bit of the economy of South Dakota,” Coleman said.At this point the most responsible answer is “maybe.”Bedrock Oil and Gas have chosen to keep their intentions to themselves at this point.

Just to explore it will cost some considerable dollars.”Exploration.

But Randy Coleman, landman for Bedrock, did confirm two things, one: that exploring for oil isn't as easy as it looks on the “Beverly Hillbillies” and two: that his phone has been ringing off the hook since the Associated Press ran an article on Bedrock's purchase late last week.“People are just flipping out, they need to catch their breath and just let this thing kind of evolve.

It takes time to drill for oil and gas, it just doesn't come popping out everywhere you put a hole in the ground,” he said.

The White House confirmed that Ms Gabriel had requested the meeting. The event comes as US Muslims and immigrants are suffering unprecedented levels of discrimination and hate crimes.

#actforamerica #makeamericasafeagain — Brigitte Gabriel (@ACTBrigitte) March 21, 2017 Several members of the audience left before the event was over, claiming the contents were “harmful” against other people.

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