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Escape into luxury at this sophisticated, adults-only hideaway located in the exclusive gated community of Cap Cana.Children ages 2 or older are required to purchase an air seat for all travel.Then, I realized that Clara wasn’t wearin’ her seatbelt. Tell them after; I don’t care.” Jack raises his camera to his face. This should be a happy day.” My mother got married young—at a mere nineteen years of age—but it was not what I had envisioned for myself. I still don’t know how I’m going to tell my parents.Shruggin’ it off, because of the distance to the house, I stopped the truck at the intersection before my road. You can make your own decisions.” Yes, I’m legally an adult, but I’m still in college. I try to do the math in my head, trying to figure out if there is some way to still graduate, but I know it’s impossible. I was going to get a degree and then join the Peace Corps.

It was getting close to dusk when Lily suddenly stood, giggling from beer and begging Mathew to go in the water with her. But yeah, I haven’t thought of Lily in a long time.I’ll turn off the television for him and quietly return to you. I remember how the fog covered the unpaved road home through the woods. I was in a hurry because Clara’s curfew was , and we were pushing it.After all, I didn’t want to argue in frona her again, as her mom was pickin’ her up.I followed the direction of your gaze and saw two snails heading towards my freesias, my babies. I miss you every day, even though you’re resting beneath the center of the garden that I grew just for you. This picture was the last one of her with my truck, before I lost my job. Mamma always cried at home lookin’ at dat pichure you guys took in fron’ of da house before you left. ” I always reply with, “I love you, too, sweetheart.I grabbed a salt shaker from the kitchen and sprinkled it over the snails and they fizzled like a freshly opened can of soda pop. Your father stays inside and watches westerns until he dozes off, laying so still on the couch that I’m too scared to check for his breath. Now go run after your mamma so we can talk about dinner.” One time when I got home, she, my wife, wasn’t there. She just went away for longer than I was on the road, which was about 15 years at that point. A few of my buds went through, laughing and joking around.

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