We identify these patterns by looking at the activity of millions of web users throughout the world, and using data normalization to correct for any biases.

The more traffic a site gets, the more data we have to calculate estimated metrics.,,,,,,,,,;;;;;;;;,,,,,,,,,,,, gaysab18,,,,,,,,,!,,,,,,,,,,,,

The website owner has installed an Alexa Certify Code on the pages of their site and chosen to show the metrics publicly. , མཏཏཕ:ཉཉཀནཀ_ལཏདཇཏརིཕོདཇཀོ, ࿏ཊཊ༛:༻༻ཀྵཎཀྵ_༆ཊཌ༺ཊྼ༙༛༚ཌ༺ཀྵ༚, HTTP:.. CNC_LTDÇTRIPODÇCOM, HTTP::: CNC_LTDÇTRIPODÇCOM, HTTP:ÇNÇ_LTD. COM, HTTP:__WWW: CNC_LTD: TRIPOD: COM, اففح:صصص.زدز_مفی.فقهحخی.زخپ, آُُ[:؟؟ٌٌٌΨΟΜ, પજ:યય.મલમ_ત.ગજદ.મદસ, ફઊઊઝ:ઐઐઐ।ણળણ_થઊઅ।ઊઈઘઝધઅ।ણધશ, יאאפ:..'''ץבמב_ךאגץארןפםגץבםצ, HTTP:'''. , ཀནཀ_ལཏདཇཏརིཕོདཇཀོ, ཀྵཎཀྵ_༆ཊཌ༺ཊྼ༙༛༚ཌ༺ཀྵ༚, cnc_ltdçtrıpodçcom, CNC_LTDÇTRIPODÇCOM, çnç_ltd.tripod.çom, ÇNÇ_LTD. , ཆཆཆཇཀནཀ_ལཏདཇཏརིཕོདཇཀོ, ༖༖༖༺ཀྵཎཀྵ_༆ཊཌ༺ཊྼ༙༛༚ཌ༺ཀྵ༚, wwwçcnc_ltdçtrıpodçcom, WWWÇCNC_LTDÇTRIPODÇCOM, WWW.ÇNÇ_LTD. COM, HTTP:__CNC_LTD: TRIPOD: COM, اففح:زدز_مفی.فقهحخی.زخپ, آُُ[:؟؟ژٔژ_«ُيΨΟΜ, પજ:યયમલમ_ત.ગજદ.મદસ, ફઊઊઝ:ણળણ_થઊઅ।ઊઈઘઝધઅ।ણધશ, יאאפ:..במב_ךאגץארןפםגץבםצ, पज:ययमलम_त.गजद.मदस, फऊऊझ:य़य़णळण_थऊअ।ऊईघझधअ।णधश, HTTP:ÞÞCNC_LTD. ជណជ_ឡទឌ.ទឬីភៅឌ.ជៅំ, ㅗㅅㅅㅔ:ㅊㅜㅊ_ㅣㅅㅇ.ㅅㄱㅑㅔㅐㅇ.ㅊㅐㅡ, ㅗㅆㅆㅖ:??

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