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Fifteen years in jail for reading ''Far Right propaganda'', that's the take away from Home Secretary Amber Rudd's Conservative conference speech.Click on a link once and they'll assume you slipped up on your way to the footie results or a kitten wearing a hat video, click twice and you might get away with it, three times and they come for you and send you to jail because it's a pattern and you're an extremist. nobody knows, especially not Amber Rudd and her team who proudly banned street activist group ''National Action'' for terrorism despite the fact that they never terrorized anyone or were charged with terrorism in any way shape or form.In the United States and Australia, flashing yellow does not require traffic to stop, but drivers should exercise caution since opposing traffic may enter the intersection after stopping.

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As they stumble and limp around trying to keep all the balls in the air (see list above) they're jeered at and derided by the ''populist Right'' and people are beginning to recognize the absurdity of the ''elites'' and that what the new Nationalists have to say makes a great deal of sense, albeit leaving them feeling uncomfortable.1. By drawing parallels between Islamic terrorism and their mythical ''Neo Nazi terror network'' they're able to morally equate Nationalism and Islamic extremism.Many years ago I made the mistake of challenging an old man to a game of squash, despite being half his age and twice his speed he thrashed me for an hour straight.Later, over a beer, he explained where I'd gone wrong, the trick, he explained, was to always occupy the centre of the court, that way you had the choice of where to play the ball, your opponent was always in the position of reacting, frantically bolting around the court and becoming exhausted in the process while the player in the centre relaxed, not really having to move at all.Use the brute power of the state to censor internet content they dislike while threatening to impose ridiculously harsh prison sentences on Thought Criminals. The effect this has on the masses is to draw them back to the liberal centre looking for solutions.And so the people who created this carnage waltz back onto the centre-ground offering themselves up as the only sane people around and therefore solely capable of offering solutions to the problems they created.

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