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She’s so afraid of the basement that Bruni and Berry decide to call in psychic Chip Coffey (, the paranormal power duo and psychic Coffey find plenty of interesting evidence in the press screener for the episode.They also discover some other tragic history in the Borden family around that location that may be contributing to the haunting.Bruni became a mother when she was 36 years of age.Her first child was a baby girl to whom she named as Charlotte. And her daughter’s father is non-other than her boyfriend, Jimmy.Among brave women all around the world, Ami Bruni is that one who never fears from the ghosts.

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You can also catch Coffey at some upcoming Ghost Hunt Weekends events and Bruni and Berry on Mackinac Island hosting a paranormal event in October with Strange Destinations.She always had dreamt of knowing paranormal activities to the depth which led her to produce Ghost Hunters reality show.Now let’s know fearless Ami Bruni facts, along with her married life, husband’s information, net worth, salary, income, and more.For most people, their home is a place of safety, security, and comfort.Home is a gathering place for family members at the end of a busy day, a place to reconnect, and to wind down.

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