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We will display the actual value in each preferences summary field, like this: First when the Activity is created, we must dinamically set the summary fields starting value, like this: Second, we must set a listener on each preference change, to update the value when it changes.

In this android tip, we will learn hoe to create android setting and Preferences Activity in your android application.

The saved value can be any one of the supported value types (listed above).

Edit Text Preference – Opens a dialog with an Edit Text widget. We are going to create the default android studio template for android application setting.

Each Preference appears as an item in a list and provides the appropriate UI for users to modify the setting.

For example, a Check Box Preference creates a list item that shows a checkbox, and a List Preference creates an item that opens a dialog with a list of choices.

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This tutorial is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 Germany license.The only time you should directly interact with the associated Shared Preferences file is when you need to read the value in order to determine your app’s behavior based on the user’s setting.Check Box Preference – Shows an item with a checkbox for a setting that is either enabled or disabled.For example, some apps allow users to specify whether notifications are enabled or specify how often the application syncs data with the cloud.A Preference object is the building block for a single setting.

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