Apprentice stars dating 2016

Valente split from Lord Sugar to take full control of Impra Gas – but they parted on friendly terms, and Valente mentor would still be getting advice from this mentor, the BBC reported earlier this year.

All is going well for 2014 winner and sales manager Mark Wright.

In 2016, The Sun said Totton was briefly dating another Apprentice winner, Mark Wright, but the two split over clashing schedules.

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The series 11 contestant built up his own plumbing business after being expelled from school at 15.

More recently, he operated a string of bars and restaurants in London, as well as chairing the London Contemporary Orchestra.

Yorkshire’s Michelle Dewberry earned the nickname “the Silent Assassin” for her understated but tough demeanour, which ultimately saw her triumph.

Glamorous Irish doctor Leah Totten crushed the competition in 2013 and used Lord Sugar’s investment to open a cosmetic clinic offering bespoke facials, Botox and wrinkle reduction.

They remain on good terms and Lord Sugar has visited the clinic several times – although, Totten told the Daily Express, never for a treatment.

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