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And I told her not to be afraid of who she wants to be." As for her father's behavior, "I would love to say it's surprising, but it's not.It doesn't bother me as much as embarrass and hurt me.It's a Saturday night in early October and Lindsay Lohan is sitting at the Chateau Marmont drinking a Shirley Temple.She is such a regular at the hotel that no one gives a second look when she comes racing in with a friend.

I feel like I'm trying to spread the gospel of Lindsay."The film made Lindsay think about having her own kids, though that's probably something far in the future.As for her music, she's wondering whether she should go the sophisticated route of, say, an Adele or dance music like Lady Gaga.(The examples are hers.) She would love for Ronson's hotshot producer brother, Mark, to work with her, but "he seems really busy," she says diplomatically.The message is clear: Lindsay has actually started growing up.After close to five months in rehab in 2007, Lindsay, 22, is embracing maturity and recognizing she must take responsibility for her actions. I'm not hanging out with people who are out every night getting fucked up."And," she adds sheepishly with a smile, "I think that I'm happy."Her friend Jaime Zeluck, who works in the music business and has been silently checking her PDA, chimes in, "You're the best I've seen you in a while."Truth be told, the Lindsay Lohan we know and love hasn't quite disappeared. The reason for her tardiness: an oddly amusing story involving searching for Lindsay's Escalade and "climbing a hill in YSLs." (Lindsay doesn't have a driver's license at the moment.) Still, compared with past hijinks, this is Lohan lite.

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