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But, not before you know you have a date with this guy every Saturday night. That is the defining line between dating and the first phase of relationship. I’m pretty sure you’re not even aware of what you’re doing or why it bothers me. Of course I’m “interested” in “hanging out” “sometime.” That is why I am talking to you. I do get asked on dates by men, actually, and it works amazingly well. I know whether to have cash on hand to get home or to ask someone to pick me up or to ask to stay at a friend’s place. And if I can do it — and I have done it — you can, too. It’s come up a couple of times recently and it’s gotten so irritating that I finally have to say something about it. I have been emailing, text messaging, IMing, and even talking on the phone. Generally speaking, I think men are intimidated by women who do the pursuing/asking out, though, so I do it on a case-by-case basis. There’s a 99.097 percent chance I am going to say “yes.” Please, just ask me out on a freaking date.

At work I get a lot of attention from men…but not ONE has asked me out on a date.If I wasn’t already “interested,” you wouldn’t be communicating with me at all. I want the date to have a day of the week — Friday or Saturday, for instance. I have enough friends and family in my life to “hang out” with and we have our own bars. You’re feeling criticized and attacked by what I’m saying. I know whether or not I actually have plans— a novel idea! I want the date to have a time — 8 o’clock would be an example. Why, if I have never met you before, would I want to “hang out” at your favorite bar with more people I don’t know? But more importantly, when a man asks me out on a date with a day of the week and a time and a place, I know he has the confidence to actually ask me out on a goddamned date. But I’m going to share a few ideas on what might be happening to help you understand single men.Please forgive me if I am off base -these are just my educated guesses. When you say, “You give men the opportunity to pursue you but they don’t” , what does that mean? Are you doing something specific or are you flirting and hoping the men ask you out?

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