Asp detailsview not updating

If you tell me how, I would be glad to email it to you so it can be posted here for everyone's benefit.Thanks, Steve Erbentraut Hello Steve, Thank you for getting back to us and for the detailed It would be great to share your approach for everyone's benefit.These select column names are used in the grid columns, and subsequently 'bound' to the named parameters in the Update command.So, essentially, this error is resolved by modifying the stored procedures. I know that within the actual SP, that the input params can be named different than the fields in the table you are updating.Needless to say, I will be happy to update your Telerik points for your involvement.Details View server control is used to display, delete, insert or edit a single record from data source. More about Form View control you can read in Form View Control: Step by Step tutorial. After we created Sql Data Source control, we need to associate it with Details View control.

Nevertheless, I suggest you review the following posts in the ASP.Details View control is often used in master/detail scenario with Grid View control. To work with records, first we need to connect Details View control with some data source. You can do that in design view, like on next image: Also, you can do this if you set Data Source ID property of Details View control to the name of your data source control. Sql Data Source control above uses a database with Products and Categories tables. NET 2.0 or later we can use specialized Details View and Form View controls. If you only need to show record in read-only mode, your data source control needs only Select command.The good news is that I did find a way around this!If you change your Update Command Type = "Text" instead of "Stored Procedure", you can then make an explicit call to your Update (or Insert) SP like this: Exec Update Employee , @First Name = @First Name, @Title = @Title, @Hire Date = @Hire Date, @Address = @Address, @Employee ID = @Employee ID In the Automatic Operations With Sql Data Source And Stored example project, I simply changed the name on the Select Employees SP so that it aliased the ouput of the "Last Name" column to "LName".

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