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Because of that, they are usually relegated to just flashing their gorgeous grins and fluttering their fabulous eyes ... Nevertheless, “Take Shelter” is an extremely compelling and creepy apocalyptic-themed indie.Read More If there have been two constants of late, they have been Jessica Chastain movies and rain. It is definitely worth a viewing, even though I’ll be surprised if anyone actually checks it out.The first I ever heard of “Kinky Boots” was the 1960s Brit song sung by Honor Blackman (AKA “Pussy Galore”) and Patrick Mac Nee, the stars of the TV series “The Avengers”. Read More Someone I know very well saw that I got invited to a screening for “Blackthorn”, a new movie starring Sam Shepard.Because this someone is an actor, he particularly loves Shepard.I was still sweating like a pig during every class and my body was still pleading for mercy somewhere around the middle of the second songs, but I guess I’m just more of a masochist than I care to believe…or more competitive.

The fault lies in the ridiculous cost of movie-going.

I couldn’t take any chances because the UN was in session and EVERYONE was in town, so the security made any sort of travel to that area problematic.

Because the breakfast was at The Four Seasons restaurant, we were definitely in the area.

Everyone immediately helped themselves to one of the featured cocktails, covering the bar like a phalanx of tomato red and blush peach glass soldiers. “They were made with a whole lotta love,” laughed Daryl, the Head Bartender! But, where was the woman of the hour, Michelle-Marie Heinemann? Read More A very stylish line in the sand was drawn against Cyber Bullying, Cyber Stalking and Cyber Harassment on the afternoon of March 3, 2014 by UTTERLY GLOBAL’s Goodwill Ambassador, MICHELLE-MARIE HEINEMANN (wearing WALTER VAN BEIRENDONCK), along with her dear friends LAUREN LAWRENCE (wearing CAROLINA HERRERA) and CONSUELO VANDERBILT COSTIN (wearing ALICE OLIVIA), at Ms. Though the surroundings were white glove, those in attendance made it clear, both through speeches and conversation, that their gloves were off and there would be no backing down when it came to this means of abuse, so menacingly cloaked in the anonymity of the internet. It’s common knowledge that a bully is, in reality, nothing more than a coward who hides behind some perceived or established might that empowers them, but that’s of little use to those being victimized, particularly if those victimized are young and don’t see the ...

Someone reported that she was stuck in traffic somewhere. Read More I KNEW that “Kinky Boots” was going to be THE show on Broadway this season.

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