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The online dating site, that encourages extra-marital affairs, sparked outrage in October 2012 by publishing a doctored image of the Queen with her arms draped around a semi-naked man.

A statement from Ashley Madison said it "deeply regretted" using the image which was "in a totally inappropriate context due to her personal career and her institutional significance." The advert, which the Queen said had damaged her "honor and dignity," first appeared in February 2012.

It was then published, for a second time in October 2012, in an Ashley Madison pamphlet distributed across the capital of Madrid by scantily-clad models.

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"We would hope that this will be lifted at some point as we're becoming one of the top dating sites in the UK," Mr Kraemer told the Telegraph. website Ashley Madison has apologized to Queen Sophia of Spain for using her photograph in an advert without official permission.It appeared alongside a slogan saying, in Spanish: "Now you no longer have to spend the night alone." El Pais reports that Queen Sophia’s lawyer reached an agreement with Avid Dating Life Europe Ireland Ltd, owners of Ashley Madison, last week.The humans logging on comprised a captive audience disinclined to complain about shoddy service for fear of being revealed.From that perspective, the site was well-run, “in the same way that a cartel is probably a pretty well-run operation.” Had the hack never happened, unleashing the troves of data that have come to show the workings of the site, “I think they could have gone on with it for a long time,” he says.

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