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"As the saying goes, the thought is written in water, and the deed is written in stone.

As it turned out, only one respondent out of 43 provided comments for this essay.(In fairness, Linden Lab has tried to crack down on these community infractions, hosting guides such as this to inform users about abuse and how to file reports about repeat offenders.) Educational institutions with a presence in or that introduced students to virtual worlds might want to analyze the phenomenon of avatar rape, which presents a unique challenge to traditional jurisprudence. As such, it behooves us to investigate: Before delving into avatar rape, I should note that such a discussion could have the unintended consequence of desensitizing the topic of real rape, whose ramifications, physical and psychological, are extreme.Rape is assumed to be both physical and geographical, as in a crime scene. However, silence about virtual assault also has consequences in that many colleges and universities view virtual worlds as learning environments and may not know how to resolve issues when infractions occur."Since as a sociologist I view rape as an act of dominance and power," she states, "virtual reality would be a setting conducive to this type of attack and students need to be made aware of it." Van Delinder also believed that "assault, even virtual assault, has a psychological and emotional component.It is more than just physical because the victim or target continuously replays in the mind what has happened and, in a sense, experiences it over and over again." One of the best articles citing material affirming that view is “Virtual Rape,” published by Richard Mac Kinnon in the March 1997 issue of Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication.

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