Back dating my bill on verizon wireless

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I had to bring my plan to the 10g plan because it was less expensive. If this were a more just world, this suit should BURY them for good. When I called to speak with them, they acknowledged it was not reasonable. Even when I turn ALL lines Data off, Gigs still sucking my bank acct dry. The past several months has led to a problem and I now have to constantly go to setting to turn mobile on and off.

They "tried" to give me a refund, but thecomputer wouldn't "Let" them. We're paying abt - in overage every month and they KNOW it's wrong, but can't explain anything. Its bullshite quite honestly and they have no answer as to why and the only solution is a major inconvenience.

Excellent reply from Lump2899, as it's often apps unknowingly running in the background.

For i Phone, double click the home button and it will display all apps running in the background -- often and surprisingly it will be dozens.

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