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While there’s very little that separates this particular movie from the others in the brood, we applaud the delicious pun that makes us chuckle every single time we read it.Also, for those wondering: Yes, there are titties, and yes, there are gang-bangs.In Oxnard’s Colonia Chiques neighborhood in Ventura County, the decades-old neighborhood gang is not outside, and their graffiti is gone.Some of this is a state and national story, as violent crime declined by about 16 percent in both California and the nation from 2008 through 2012.Nor are gangs carjacking, assaulting, robbing, or in a dozen other ways blighting their own neighborhoods.Between 20, gang-related robberies in the city fell from 3,274 to 1,021; gang assaults from 3,063 to 1,611; and carjackings, a classic L. gang crime born during the heyday of crack, from 211 to 33.

Once-notorious parks—El Salvador Park in Santa Ana, Smith Park in San Gabriel, Bordwell Park in Riverside are a few examples—are now safe places for families.

Six years later, on a sunny afternoon, I went back and found that Simon Tejada never sold his house. As we strolled, Tejada waved to neighbors, some of whom had just bought houses. Several years ago, I spent a couple of days in the Florence-Firestone neighborhood, in an unincorporated part of Los Angeles County, interviewing some Florencia 13 gang members.

I met him this time outside the home, and we walked the street freely. One nearby garage was never free of graffiti for more than a few minutes a week.

A decade ago, gang wars gave the neighborhood one of the highest homicide rates in the region.

“It’s a whole different attitude in the area.” The shift has happened fast.

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