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Eberhard Archbishop of Trier refers to past donations by "comite Walrammo de Arlo et uxore ipsius Adelheide" in two charters dated 10, the second one referring to the confirmation of donations by "filiorum eorum Walrammi et Folconis" after the death of their parents.

The countess referred to was the wife of Waleran [I] Comte d Arlon, and her son, father of Hendrik van Limburgs wife, would therefore in this scenario have been Waleran [II] Comte d Arlon.

There appear to be three possibilities: Firstly, Udo may have been the same person as Waleran [II] Comte d Arlon who, for unexplained reasons, was called by one name in some sources and another name in others.

Whatever the correct solution to this conundrum, it appears unwise to ignore altogether the possible existence of a separate Graaf Udo.

He is therefore shown in this document in square brackets, linked to Frdric Duke of Upper Lotharingia in the document LUXEMBOURG as a possible son.] .

The construction of the castle of Limburg can probably therefore be dated to the late 1060s or early 1070s, although there is some doubt whether the report in Alberic can be entirely correct as discussed in Chapter 1 below.

Limburg castle passed to Count Hendrik, who must quickly have become an influential force at the court of Emperor Heinrich III [Heinrich IV King of Germany] as he was installed as duke of Lower Lotharingia in 1101.

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