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You can bring these same principles home with our five tips on how to make your home more luxurious.

Another way to make your home a luxurious oasis is with brand new flooring!

With flooring options that meet any style preference, we can help make your home the luxury masterpiece that you have always imagined.

A few months ago, as part of looking through the changes in Windows 10 Anniversary Update for the Windows Internals 7th Edition book, I noticed that the kernel began enforcing usage of the CR4[FSGSBASE] feature (introduced in Intel Ivy Bridge processors, see Section 4.5.3 in the AMD Manuals) in order to allow usage of User Mode Scheduling (UMS).

This, in turn, will populate the following fields in KPROCESS: Ldt System Descriptor and writing into the GDT at offset 0x60 on Windows 10, or offset 0x70 on Windows 8.1 (bonus round: we’ll see why there’s a difference a bit later). On the other hand, if the TEB address is above 4GB, Windows 8.1 and earlier will transform the private allocation holding the TEB into a shared mapping (using a prototype PTE) and re-allocate a second copy at the first available top-down address available (which would usually be 0x FFFFE000).

Click the green 'Create page’ button, then 'Save page’.5.

Imagine the most luxurious house that you have ever been in or seen on television.

Have you ever wondered what exactly makes it so luxurious?

This is simply an interesting combination of CPU, System, and OS Internals, which on older systems, could’ve been used as a way to gain code execution in Ring 0, in the presence of an already existing vulnerability.

UMS efficiently allows user-mode processes to switch between multiple “user” threads without involving the kernel – an extension and large improvement of the older “fiber” mechanism.

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