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You could see the tears running down my face ruining my mascara. " I was looking down, "everyone was looking at Mary and talking to her and giving her all their attention. " "Daddy, I can't tell you that." As soon as I say it I realize the mistake I made.It was like I wasn't even there." "Baby girl, what does daddy always say about looking me in the eye." "That I need to look at you when we're talking, it's a sign of respect." I look up at you. I must always tell you the truth when you ask me a question.

Did he put his fingers in your private area and his dick in your mouth?

Your hand tightens on my face and you jerk my chin up stretching my neck.

"I asked you what kind of things has she done with boys." "She says they want to touch her and she lets them.

Mary grew up, she was four inches taller and her breasts had grown and she lost a ton of weight.

She was every guys wet dream and it made me feel ugly and fat.

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