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- Brad PAbout Author: Brad P AKA The Pheromone Kid Real Name: Brad PAffiliation: Brad P, 30/30 Club Website: legendary Brad P.began his journey to mastery in 2004 by spending 7 days a week every week going out meeting women and learning from the greatest Naturals ever to walk the earth.

I'm going to help you sort through all of this nonsense and come up with something that shows women you are a sexy, attractive, comfortable man. Dates are easier to set up and things get physical faster.It also makes you look like you’re living in the past. * The approach looks like you’re (desperately) trying to build rapport. She has nothing with you at the moment, and talking about a female that (by implication) was part of your life before you became an adult, is a distraction. We know they’re all like Tiger Beat Fangirls at heart, but you’re not, Alphas have their minds on more weighty issues, with eyes on the future, looking FORWARD. You obviously have to do more than stand there and grunt ‘uh-huh’ and ‘right! Open-ended questions, that can lead to challenges – For example. Blah blah blah You: Well, to tell you the truth, I’m not much of a fan either! Brad P does it in a challenging, accusing (breaking rapport) way.* If her hamster wakes up, it’ll remind her of how it felt riding the mechanical horse at the shopping mall, not that you might make her feel the same way, given half a chance. Guys trying to copy just based off his text do it in an approval seeking, needy way.From there I began a journey of exploration that ultimately led me to create a system for attracting women wit...More Let me begin by telling you I'm not an expert in fashion.

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