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Non-managers will adopt the business casual look (never jeans.) For women, this may be a bit different since they have a lot more options in wardrobe. Because of the tropical climate it may be common to see more cleavage that one would see in America.

The key for men and women is to wear clothes made out of good material and many times made by famous designers. In America, a lot of companies have adopted the business casual look which in many circumstances may mean wearing jeans and showing personality through clothing. In some big cities like New York it is more common to see men and women in suits but this is definitely not the norm for most companies. Even though people work together and have closer relationships, employees don’t usually question their managers.

In some companies employees don’t even have titles.4- Group work in Brazil involves everyone while in America the work is split Working in group for Brazilians means working together from beginning to end. No one makes any decisions without checking with the group.If there are three issues that need to be resolved, the entire group will work on issue #1 until that one is finished. The sense of camaraderie is prevalent and the end result is a product of the group.3- Corporate Brazil is more hierarchical than the U. There is a level of separation that is simply a part of the culture.Higher level executives don’t usually blend in with lower level employees and it’s still very common for employees to address executives as Mr. Higher level executives can also be called “doutor” or doctor even though they are not real doctors or don’t have a Ph D.

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