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What to expect: When you arrive you will be greeted by one of our event coordinators.Currently we have speed dating events in the Hartford CT area, Boston MA, Cape Cod MA, Stamford CT, and New Haven CT.I hear from people that they are lonely, but they are also very cautious.”Maddie and Martin, both from Westport, decided to use their unique perspectives to stir up some interaction for themselves and other adult singles by starting The Singlez Zone.Events designed for this social group are personally shepherded by Martin and Maddie so nobody is left to walk into a room alone and feel awkward, they promise.You spot a beautiful lady across the room and feel that instant attraction.

But filling the void of a lonely weekend with safe and fun outings is a top priority for the hundreds of adults who have discovered refuge in local groups where the focus is on companionship.“Young people are so trusting that they'll just go up to each other and mingle.

It seems that seniors are the same way,” said Martin Costa, emphasizing that those who are divorced or widowed in middle age have a different comfort zone.

“We need some sort of ice-breakers to mingle so that we're not so self-conscious.”Costa is a former disc jockey who said he's seen many sideline-sitters at parties who just can't bring themselves to cross the room and risk rejection by a potential dance partner.

“I was a DJ for 25 years, seeing rooms full of people not interacting,” he said.

His sister Madeleine (Maddie) Costa, newly returned to the South Coast from California, is a life coach who said she counsels “people in transition in relationships or work situations.

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