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Excellent long-term storage; esteemed as table apple late into the spring. GOLDEN RUSSET Regarded by many as the finest-flavored of all the American antiques. The apple originated in New Jersey in the early 1800's and was named for the grower who first cultivated it. My great grandfather planted 20 acres of Grimes back 90 years ago. MARGIL Dates back to the mid-1750s; probably French origin. One of the best dessert apples; in use during October and November. Like other russets, its high flavor has a tart sweetness and pear-like richness. Medium to small; thick, tough skin; rich, juicy, yellow flesh; firm, crisp, and aromatic. POUND SWEET Very large golden yellow fruit; good eating quality, outstanding baker.

Modest production, but we expect to see higher productivity with these rootstocks. Always considered a first-class cider apple, Graniwinkle is also a wonderful fresh eating apple with a rich, sweet flavor. GRIMES GOLDEN Pure yellow apple with golden yellow flesh. Small, greenish-yellow fruit, turning to orange, usually with some russet. Flesh, yellowish white, very tender and juicy, with a fine, sprightly, and distinct pineapple flavour.

GRAVENSTEIN Said to have originated in Italy in early 1600s. Precocious and very productive, but tends to go biennial. Very high sugar content makes Grimes ideal for hard cider. Gourmet dessert apple with a flavor and aroma like pineapple.

Small, broadly conical, long-stemmed apple, predominantly yellow, streaked and splashed with bright orange. Sugary sweet, rich, luscious, of a most delicious mellow flavor. Beautiful golden skin covered with a net of russet. Fruit is medium-sized with greenish-yellow skin flushed red with mixed dark red stripes and splashes. Originated in West Virginia during Washington's presidency. Highly flavored-- one of the best; flesh fim, suggary, very romatic. According to Burford, Pound Sweet was used in Ohio during the Civil War to make apple butter that was sold to both North and South.

Golden Delicious x Idared from Swiss breeding program, introduced in 1981.

Medium small fruit, not particularly attractive--greenish yellow skin, rather ugly brown blush.

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ALKMENE Very high quality new variety from the Muncheberg (East Germany) breeding program. ARKANSAS BLACK A fine old variety, one of the best winter-keepers. Tough skin, giving it some resistance to codling moth. COURT PENDU PLAT Old variety known since 1613, probable origins in Roman times. From a Cox's Orange Pippin X Calville Blanc d' Ete cross made y a private breeder about 1900. Rich, spicy flavor, with fine-grained yellowish flesh.

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