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According to the illustration, the cave is sealed with heavy sacks, and in some places is more than 30 feet below ground. The Oprichniki were a group of merciless killers Ivan the Terrible used to eliminate his enemies in 16th century Russia.The modern-day Oprichniki live in peasantlike conditions (using outside toilets, drawing water from wells) and have a mixed reputation in the surrounding area.

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A Russian expert on religions and sects, Alexander Dvorkin, told the paper the group shared many similarities with the sect in Penza – namely “mind control and deception.” The brotherhood, like many such fringe Russian Orthodox groups, is reported to possess icons of Ivan the Terrible and the “mad monk” Rasputin.

Some more info from a translated page: In Kosheleva they appeared a few years ago, they all come from the Far East.

Their spiritual leader Andrei Alekseevich Shchedrin bought many houses and Lyubime and in the surrounding area.

They do not smoke, do not swear mate, drink wine only on their own manufacturing holidays.

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