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Our caller portrayed a 13-year-old girl who was pregnant by her 22-year-old boyfriend.

Her story was that she wanted an abortion because she and her boyfriend did not want her parents to find out about the sexual relationship.

For men who prey on young girls, technology is making it much easier for them to acquire victims, while dramatically reducing the chances they will be caught.20 Police departments nationwide are now saying that child molesters trolling the Internet for underage girls is a major problem, and they don’t have the budgets or manpower to keep up.21 Another factor in this epidemic is that young girls simply have more contact with unrelated adult males than ever before.The data is absolutely clear that victims are black and white, rich and poor, urban, rural and suburban and that they come from every cultural and socio-economic background.In all 50 states, sexual activity with underage children is illegal.For several years Life Dynamics has been conducting an investigation into the issue of teen pregnancy.What we have found can only be described as sickening.

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