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This is due to their energy efficiency and long durability thanks to modern technology.

You can find out more about LEDs, trends and inspiration in our Lighting Journal.

Therefore, pendant lights are ideal working area lights.

Lighting Deluxe offers with Basis, Nimbus and Artemide Architectural the most popular manufacturers for office and home office and on top of that, many other famous brands.

Showcased at Come Out & Play NYC and Come Out & Play SF 2015.

YODO (You Only Die Once)A board/card game with interactive i Pad narrative elements, created for the 2013 Global Game Jam.

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According to research, light colour and brightness affect working atmosphere and thus, productivity.Pendant lighting is mounted on ceilings to provide bright and focused light at the same time.Pendant lighting mostly refers to home lighting solutions for living spaces such as the dining room, but is used in other areas as well.Pendant lights or suspension lights are lamps that hang from the ceiling and benefit from high rooms, unlike ceiling lights.The advantage of pendant lights is their flexibility when mounting the light: With a low hanged light, a room can be accented by using the direct light emitting from the lamp.

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