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The church surveyed 10 religious institutes and 75 church authorities to uncover the abuse data on priests, non-ordained brothers and sisters, and other church personnel who were employed between 19.

Counsel Gail Furness, SC, said 4,444 alleged child sex abuse incidents were recorded in the survey.

The data reports how many Catholic personnel have been reported, but it does not go into detail how prolific the accused paedophiles were and this presents a number of problems.

For example, the Maitland-Newcastle diocese is not on the commission's top list of offenders, however Bishop Bill Wright says the region had three or four very prolific offenders.

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Notably, the Sisters of Mercy Brisbane and the order founded by Saint Mary Mac Killop, Australia's only saint, had the lowest instances of reported abuse.

The Diocese of Adelaide had the lowest reported figures of a Catholic diocese.

We have deleted this reference as the Rockhampton orphanage was associated with the larger Sisters of Mercy, not the Brisbane order, and closed in 1978.

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The Australian Catholic Church has released "grim" data revealing 7 per cent of priests, working between 19, have been accused of child sex crimes.

This map shows the weighted average percentage of accused-perpetrator priests over 60 years.

Some dioceses are not included in the map, or the data provided.

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