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Having become pregnant and seen the factory she worked in shut down, she took a job as a cleaner. In fact the worst part of it is probably that we have to pay 130 reais [£35] per day for a room each.

But the family she worked for put pressure on, insisting they should adopt her child, and she felt she couldn't keep both job and baby, but neither could she go hungry. "I prostituted when my child was sleeping," she sighs. The owner makes the most money, so many girls rent an apartment so they make more, but for us that's too dangerous.

They'll do very well." Inside, pasted to a grubby wall are erotic photographs and charts of the body, notes about diseases, numbers for doctors and timetables for psychology sessions.

As the woman potters about, she tells her story, a familiar narrative. And when people ask, we tell them we're prostitutes, although often they don't really believe us.

We thus have articles on how the local cultures consider it sexy to own “shitted pants” in Catalonia, a cow in Galicia, or a gas station in Russia.

There, a girl just out of her teens confirms it's safe before noting: "It's rare but sometimes men rape." Meanwhile, the woman back at Aprosmig tells of a 62-year-old she knew who was murdered last year. At one point, the government's own employment website offered tips for those wishing to attempt prostitution, going step by step through preparation, seduction and delivery of service.

It was later toned down after much pressure from conservatives and the religious right.

In Paris I know a few typically “incestuous” friend-groups, wherein the who-is-dating-who has changed a few times over the years, but without adding new members to the group.

If all of this isn’t enough to make you want to just give up on the French, then best of luck, and may the above rule serve you well.

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