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The bridge is not the only spot where suicides have occurred.

In July two men killed themselves in one day, in unrelated incidents, because they could not find work.

CHEBOKSARY — The 46-meter-tall Mother Protectress, the symbol of the Chuvashia republic, spreads her arms over the capital, Cheboksary.

“Blessed are my children, living in a world of love,” a plaque on the monument proclaims.

We have long been a manufacturing center, so we have a highly qualified local labor market concentrated in a small place. “But a killer costs money.” Stroll along the banks of Cheboksary Bay and cross its bridges for the best view of the city’s churches and monasteries, the Mother Protectress monument and the Volga River.

We don’t have oil and gas and other natural resources, which means we have to run faster, think sharper. A: In the last 10 years we have attracted a lot of foreign investment. The city’s scenic skyline, which includes the green-and-white Holy Trinity Monastery, makes it a popular destination on Volga cruises.

The Chuvash believe in a mix of Russian Orthodoxy and pagan customs, such as casting spells. A: We lend small sums of money, like two or three paychecks, to people for short periods of time. A: In the city you can express yourself better than in the regions.

We are not a very commercial organization — we do not advertise too much. People come based on someone else’s recommendation. In the countryside you’re either a farmer or work for a farmer — here there are more options. There is more trust; you know the person you are lending to.

It’s easier in the village because you know what the person does, or “what they breathe,” as we say. A: You can walk on the banks of the Volga River and wander through the taiga.

He died in a Civil War battle in 1919, but his body and grave were never found.

A Viktor Pelevin novel, “Chapayev and Emptiness,” speculates that Chapayev had the ability to teleport himself to different dimensions.

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