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It still holds the record for the fastest Atlantic crossing in a civil aircraft at two hours, 52 minutes and 59 seconds.Porque sabemos que es importante para todos los solteros/as del país tener acceso al servicio de "Dating" preferido de los chilenos, hemos juntado fuerzas con el portal online de Servipag para que todos tengan acceso a la cuenta VIP en de forma instantánea - y sobre todo segura y confiable!

You may see a few cuties though, but don't expect to see anything higher than a 7.Unfortunately you are starting to see some heavier girls as the country develops and the obesity epidemic sets in, but thankfully specimens like the one on the bottom right are still relatively rare. Though, obviously not on the level of the Argentina/Colombia/Brazil triumvirate, the problem with chilean girls is not so much their looks (on average they beat ecuadorian or peruvian girls) but their attitude.Its a classic case study on how the mix of westernization, modernity, economics, feminism, etc can suck the soul out of women. I met some cuter ones when I was in punta del este, uruguay.For those who have been, is this the average quality one can expect to find in Santiago?The one on the left has a classic typical Chilean look but she's probably slightly above average in attractiveness, maybe a 6 or 6.5.

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