Chrystina sayers dating

Nicole Scherzinger wanted a solo career because being the lead singer of a successful girl group wasn't enough attention, and Robin Antin wanted to keep the cash rolling from the PCD brand, thus giving birth to Girlicious.

The group was formed from that one stupidly entertaining competition reality show back in 2008 (good times).

Chrystina had a relationship with model/dancer Joe Slaughter, whom she met on the show.

Can she name the Native American tribe, and where the connection comes from? If you cannot find any proof to say you are Native or are of recent (a half, quarter, or full Native) do not say you have Native American Heritage when you’re not!She is of Jamaican, Native American, African American, and Irish descent.Chrystina was adopted by ex-NFL player Ron Sayers (who is of African American descent) and a Japanese mother, Nancy. Chrystina describes herself as more of a tomboy as child, but is still one at heart.Native Americans And And East Asian Are Sub Groups Of The Mongoloid Race.So That Is Why Many People Think She Looks Chinese/Japanese Etc.

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