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Cleo's family is not as rich as Emma's family, but Cleo her father's fishing job enables them to have enough money to live in a house nearby the canal.

It's revealed in "Moon Spell" that Cleo is an lactose intolerant.

In the third series she was promoted as a dolphin trainer, but even that took her a while to master fully without Will's help.

In the series of Mako: Island of Secrets, Cleo doesn't appear physically, but is remembered by Rikki, who appears in the show.

Her friendship with Lewis remains platonic, although Lewis developed a crush on her later in season one.

Cleo doesn't respond to his crush until the end of season one, but she continues to show an caring attitude towards him and would encourage him many times whenever he was feeling down.

She tries annoy Cleo and Kim without letting them know and even let the marine park believe that Cleo stole one of the birds they have there.

This almost causes Cleo to become fired, but Angela gets in trouble, and must promise Cleo to never ever do stupid things anymore to annoy people, and Cleo forces her to do free work at the Marine park by cleaning up the birds home at the Marine park.

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It is unknown what happened to her, but it is possible that after finding a new passion in science, she left for America to start a career there and also to be with Lewis.

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South African-born DJ/producer DJ Cleo grew up in Gauteng's East Rand and began his musical career at the tender age of ten.

Unlike Emma, Cleo doesn't get along with her younger sister Kim.

They always are fighting or acting uggly towards each other and cause their parents to get crazy.

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