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My girlfriend and I are about to start our last semester at college. She said she’d call me later, which meant the next day for her.

Neither of us is interested in trying to do long distance (we might be in different countries after we graduate). On the one hand, the more you spend time with her, the harder the goodbye will be and the longer it may take you to get over her. I’m inclined to tell you to not delay the inevitable, especially since you both seem to have decided that the relationship will end soon, but if having a “good last semester” means enjoying the company and the friendship and the sex of your current girlfriend, then stick it out. I take better care of myself, eat better, exercise, etc. Assess your needs and the needs of your partner and see if that helps you come to a conclusion. I got pissed and responded with “Okay later” in a text. Since I made that comment she deactivated her FB and won’t respond to me.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a lesbian meetup and it was one of the most horrifying experiences of my life.

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What I would do is make a pros and cons list and title it “my best last semester of college.” Then fill in what exactly would make it awesome and what will make it suck. This relationship is a roller coaster heading straight to hell.I have Portland at my fingertips, but I feel a little hopeless at this point that I can fall in love like I did before.I am over my ex as a person and have no desire to be back with her, but what will help me get over what I lost?It was good, and I liked her, but we kinda just stumbled away and didn’t exchange numbers.My friend mentions her in conversation often but has never suggested she’s interested in me.

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