Coming off too strong dating

Can you please help me understand what happened after only a few dates?The story starts a couple weeks ago when I was introduced to a young lady by a mutual friend. Strong leaders surround themselves with strong people, not weak ones.” At the end of the day, I don’t know if it is my strength that has turned men off, or if it’s other parts of my personality, looks or character that disqualify me as dating material in their eyes. I’m living my life to the fullest, working hard, pursing interests and genuinely having a good time. It’s about the humble looking for those whose strengths offset their weaknesses and complement their strengths. In the almost 15 years I’ve been back in my hometown after graduating from college, there have been a handful of good men to whom I would’ve enthusiastically said “yes” had they asked. Wilkin writes that some Christian men will fail to see the benefits of confident Christian women because of a misinterpretation of what it means to “lead” in a relationship. Women who are a “catch” are overlooked and may feel pressure to soften their God-honoring strengths to get noticed.

I’m not sitting at home on the weekends, wallowing over a lack of dates.We even discovered that we had gone to the same Jewish summer camp.Our activity levels were the same as well and since I like living as full a life as possible, that was important to me. After another date, I offered to take her out to dinner to celebrate her passing her professional licensing exam and she seemed appreciative and excited. A couple days before our planned dinner, she sent me a text out of the blue saying she wanted to stop seeing each other.You may have "pushed a button" that turned her off at some point.She may have decided that you aren’t what she's looking for, even though you have a lot in common and your dates were positive.

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