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Again, you also need to avoid pairing up people that have already worked together in the past.Even for the small number of people at this conference (about 40) the number of possible pairings is astronomical (something like – 319 830 986 772 877 770 815 625) so even computationally this is a really difficult problem to solve.“For example, armed with our radar-like technology, the founder of Circle Sponge was visually connected to students with data science backgrounds to speak about internships and full time positions.” To fit with its hip image and young audience, Mashable decided to hold its networking event at the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference out of conventional hours.

The idea behind this meeting was to strengthen the research field of cell polarity by allowing some of the main players to get together in a more ‘intimate’ environment to share knowledge and ideas. Now, bearing in mind that this conference is being organised by a collection of scientists with an interest in using computers to solve large scale biological problems, that your group of scientists don’t easily divide into two equal groups and that your organisers are all pretty much a massive collection of bio-computing nerds.You can also build a network of which of your participants have worked together in the past (see figure 3).Each point represents a person and the connecting lines show that they already have an academic connection.So, with much credit in particular to Federico Vaggi (a member of the Csikász-Nagy lab) and his prodigious last minute programming skills, that is what they did. And, who would like to work with what in the future (‘wanted methods’)?Then you put all of that together into a computer and group people together based on similar knowledge bases (see figure 2).

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