Consolidating server

However, they also involve progressively greater risks.Pursuing the ultimate consolidation goal of a single system image for all distributed server applications can yield large rewards when balanced with the expense, but the potential for a poor or failed implementation is far greater.Although using workload management for consolidation of different database managers (Oracle and Sybase, for example) is still very difficult, or near impossible, the consolidation of applications with the same database manager is now technically feasible.Most enterprises see the benefits of server consolidation in terms of better management of systems and lower costs.

We have assembled research from Gartner's leading analysts in the areas of storage, servers, database and software asset management.We recommend taking a step-by-step approach and investigating each type of consolidation to evaluate potential net savings.Server consolidation is not a simple task, and many hurdles have to be overcome to ensure success.Unfortunately, it's not possible to buy off-the-shelf server consolidation solutions (despite the claims made in vendor marketing brochures).Although many Unix and Intel system vendors such as IBM, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq Computer, Unisys and Microsoft have major projects under way to provide server consolidation technologies (e.g., partitioning and enhanced workload management), much more needs to be done.

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