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Reason #1: ladyboys are sexy Come on, of course that’s the main reason for everybody (and more importantly for the “virgins” — meaning, those who haven’t had their first experience yet).

We all like ladyboys because most of the time they are way more sexy than real girls.

You can’t disagree that California is THE place for trendy/open/cool people, and this is exactly you can find the most LGBT people (transsexuals included).After Leonard died in 1969, he was cremated and buried next to Virginia in their backyard at Monk’s house.Okay okay, the title is quite a bait to get you to read what follows.It is so real, and so strange“My Violet, I’ve got a confession to make. She did not like ‘Clement,’ the name she had given her second son.(She was to add the name ‘Quentin.’) ‘One thing at a time, please, Madam,’ said the registrar. After lunch, ‘Clive sat down and wrote a short, painful letter to Virginia, declaring his love for both her and her husband.'” Virginia and Leonard spent their wedding night at their rented house, Asheham house, which was reportedly haunted, in East Sussex, before traveling to France, Spain and Italy.

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