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(APPLAUSE) Now, looking back to our history, looking back to our history, our founding fathers put forth founding documents that were indeed genius. But those facts and ugly parts of our history don’t distract from our nation’s greatness.

Our purpose is not like theirs, to start a great nation, but to ensure that we continue in the best of our traditions, and with humble homage to generations of patriots before, we put forth two great Americans, our nominees for president and vice president, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.

They were saddled with the imperfections and even the bigotry of the past. (APPLAUSE) Generations of heroic Americans have made our nation more inclusive, more expansive, and more just.

We did that together.” Booker was on the list of potential running mates for presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton before she chose Virginia Sen. Read a full transcript of his speech below: Hello, Philadelphia. And today, no matter who you are — rich or poor, Asian or white, man or woman, gay or straight, any religion or none at all — you are entitled to the full rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

She has fought for the people, and she’s delivered.

That’s why we trust her to fight and deliver for us as president.

He was a war hero because he was captured.” Trump said, “I don’t like people who get captured.” Would he say that to POWs from World War II? Would he say that to the brave men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan right now, risking capture or worse? We’ve watched Donald Trump paint with a broad, divisive brush, saying that Mexican immigrants who came to build a better life in America are, in his words, “bringing crime, they’re bringing drugs.” He called many of them rapists.

He said that an Indiana-born federal judge can’t be trusted to do his job because of his Mexican ancestry, a statement that his fellow Republicans have described as racist.

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