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PRC miniature golf courses espoused geometry as a guiding framework.The elements of the PRC miniature golf course– much like Classical works of art– were constructed from more artificial materials.At that time, games of miniature golf involved the use of two clubs: the putter and a short driver.Courses were usually from 50 to 100 yards (“London” 16).There are places that demand a spot in our childhood milieu.Among these places are county fairs and city swings, Disneyland, tree houses, and that divine spot under the Christmas tree.But, to my 10-year-old self, the miniature golf course was nothing short of a dream world– the manifestation of all the great movies and adventurous ruminations that I’d experienced up to that point.The miniature golf course was magic incarnate, a setting in the landscape that allowed for an infinite amount of imagination.

His sketch of Vitruvian Man is one of the most famous works of the Renaissance, though the overt geometric patterns in the sketch point to a Greco-roman classicism (appendix D). This sketch by the artist and innovator, Leonardo Da Vinci, illustrates the omniprescence of geometry in life and art.

They retained the architectural plans and landscaping techniques of the regulation course, with undulating hills, verdant forests, sand traps, and ponds (See Appendix A). The Romantics focused on the fleeting and unpredictable aspects of nature, and, like Constable, captured changes in season, weather, and light.

Similarly, the Miniature Golf course of 1867-1916 was like the typical golf course: naturally Romantic (source: Pioch).

In support of such a claim, the various ages of miniature golf course design below will be corresponded with periods and figures in traditional art.

What is “essentially the oldest miniature golf course” is the Ladies’ Putting Club in St. It was formed in 1867, and has a limited membership.

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