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    Since these photos can be copied and duplicated over and over, we request that when you post these to Facebook, IG, Websites, Blogs, or another social media location, the following information be included at the end of your photo or video caption: © 2017 American Eagle Foundation,

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    For more information see Education & Outreach or the The Geological Society of America GEOLOGICAL TIME MACHINE - University of California, Berkeley Multimedia Geologic Time Scale Lessons (Text & Images). For more information see the University of California Museum of Paleontology GEOCHRONOLOGY - Central Division, U. Geological Survey (USGS) Multimedia Geochronology Lessons, Publications, Technical Reports (Text & Images). U-series dating is the most reliable method for dating Quaternary (the last 2 million years) sedimentary carbonate, silica, and fossil material. Fagan, Arch Serve, University of California at Santa Barbara Multimedia Chronological Methods Course (Text, Images & Videos/Movies). Chronological Methods "..designed to introduce you to basic techniques used in determining the age of archaeological materials and sites. There is now convincing evidence that many glacial, fluvial, aeolian, and even shallow marine sediments can be dated by OSL techniques. 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