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Tom Melissis and Jennifer Podemski are introduced playing Mr. The season was produced by Epitome Pictures and CTV.

Additional episodes were also aired on Fridays during January 2003.The season's directors are Bruce Mc Donald, Philip Earnshaw, Paul Fox, Anais Granofsky, and Stefan Scaini.Well received by critics and audience alike, Degrassi: The Next Generation's second season became the most-watched domestic drama series for Canada's three younger age groups of children aged two to eleven, teenagers aged twelve to seventeen and adults aged eighteen to thirty-four. There are a number of episodes with scenes of one teenager being beaten by his father.Due to the sensitive subject of rape, episodes seven and eight, the "Shout" two-part special, were held over until 11 July 2003 and opened the second half of the season creating an hour-and-a-half long special with episode twenty, "How Soon Is Now? Because of plot continuity, episode nine, "Mirror in the Bathroom", was also held back and had its first US airing in the second week of the second block of the season, before episodes fifteen through nineteenteen continued to air in the correct order, followed by episodes nineteen and twenty, "Tears Are Not Enough, Parts One and Two" which were broadcast as an hour-long season finale.In re-runs and syndication, the episodes have all aired in the order the producers intended.

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