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این کشور ارزانترین و پرطرفدارترین مقصد گردشگران اروپاست. این کشور از جنوب و شرق با دریای مدیترانه احاطه شده است.

کاخ الحمرا گرانادا ،اولین بار با دیدن این کاخ در شمال افریقا نفس در سینه تان حبس خواهد شد.

Gage mentions (at least twice) that her father (the author Nicholas Gage) is paying for the renovation of the family home. But Eleni Gage has quit her job in NYC to spend almost a year in a tiny Greek village where she never references a paying job. Who's paying for her rental car (and its fuel), her Greek cell phone, and the internet access on the new computer she bought in the city? Who's paying the expenses for the several side trips she writes about? Is she getting paid for free lance writing she'd doing about her time in Greece?

Is she living off the advance she received on the deal for this book?

Along the way she survives humorous misadventures, absorbs fascinating folklore, and comes to understand that memories of the dead can bring new life to the present.

Part travel memoir and part family saga, North of Ithaka is, above all, a journey home.

Those same communists executed Gage's grandmother for helping her children escape the village and for (allegedly) hiding treasure. Members of her dad's family were upset by her decision to remodel the place of so much pain. I'm all for questioning motives and actions, but it just kept going on and on in every chapter. I found two aspects of the book very strange.#1 Gage got the idea to go to Greece and restore the ancestral home "the weekend after Thanksgiving 2001." (For those who may have forgotten, that was less than three months after the September 11 attack on New York City.) At the time, Gage was living in New York City, yet there is not one single mention in this entire book about the September 11th attack.

Despite these unhappy circumstances, Gage keeps this memoir fairly upbeat. Gage does not mention how the attack influences her decision to leave the U. She doesn't mention how the aftermath of the attack made getting her paperwork in order or her actual traveling more more difficult.

The parts of this book I enjoyed most were the ones where Gage explained the cultures of her region of Greece. If so, someone should mention that to Gage.) I liked reading about festivals and dancing and name day celebrations. (Greek words were defined in the text, but I certainly don't remember every new word I encountered while reading this book.

کاخ سلطنتی دودمان نصریان نمونه برجسته هنری معماری اسلامی است.

الحمرا مجموعه ای شامل چندین ساختمان،برج ها،دیوارها،باغ ها و یک مسجد است که محل اقامت خلفای مسلمان شهر غرناطه (گرانادا) در جنوب اسپانیا بوده است.

I have read the first 125 pages of this book and I am disappointed. It is not a patch on her father's excellent book "Eleni".

The author sets out for northern Greece, near to the Albanian border, to reconstruct her family's home that had been destroyed in the Greek Civil War.

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