Dating a boy with adhd

“We didn’t find out until later how manipulative his girlfriend was being with him. I guess he felt like he was protecting her.” Chris and Jana noticed that Michael was becoming increasingly irritable and moody.He was spending more late hours with her on the phone.New research shows that cognitive behavioral therapy reduces ADHD symptoms.This type of therapyfocuses on changing negative thoughts in order to change behavior.

“He seemed honestly happy, he was really good at hiding what was going on,” Chris describes.If someone you know has ADHD and is acting in ways that concern you, there are things you can do to help. “The most important thing to remember is that ADHD is a biological, neurological, and genetic disorder.It’s real, and it can have real consequences for the people who have it,” Sarkis says.Parents may have difficulty detecting this problem until several incidents have already taken place, and long-term emotional changes have already occurred.Even single incidents, being pressured to send an inappropriate cell phone picture that is later forwarded to other teens, for example, leads to immediate feelings of guilt, anxiety, and shame.

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