Dating a girl who is shy

Over some time, she will start feeling better around you because her fears of unknowing which words to say will pass away.Being extremely patient and not forcing her to talk will allow her to become more self-confident.Which is something she badly requires in huge doses if she is to be the sort of girl you ultimately want her to be.So never cast aside any lucky opportunity to compliment your girlfriend.#2 Get closer step by step The best way to warm someone up to is to gradually become closer.Don’t expect a girl to open up to you right now, it may take her some time to feel comfortable enough to communicate with your family and friends, and you first and foremost.The best way to do that is to show that you’re funny.

She may accidentally think you are spying on her and will probably become more withdrawn.

However, you mustn’t go too far because being funny in a stupid way is not the best way to gain her trust and make her feel comfy with you.

Yet, in certain situations, showing that you’re a bigger goofball of you two will free her from her shyness.

But don’t do it in the creepy way, as it can easily scare her off. It will be a proof that you distinguish her from the crowd of ordinary passers-by.

If you’re not that kind of person who is naturally quite dull or outgoing, it might also be helpful just to take your time and try to take no notice of her timidity or awkwardness.

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