Dating a guy with social anxiety

And when I felt the blood rush to my cheeks, I was even more embarrassed.

For others, it’s not as severe, but still brings about a feeling of insecurity.

For example, that most basic of doubts experienced on any first date – “do they like me? ” Because relationships cause us to put more “on the line” when we become close to someone else, anxiety can lead to people either ending a relationship they’re hurt or to avoid relationships in the first place.This is based on the belief that a successful relationship is based on each partner’s ability to feel comfortable with being in some ways dependent on the other as well as standing on their own two feet – of course it also relies on both partners being able to exchange thoughts and feelings successfully.One of the odd side-effects of a fear of intimacy is that those who are too anxious to hold down a successful relationship may often demonstrate strong external characteristics such as positivity, a strong work ethic, strong opinions and the ability to mix well with all types of people.After all, humans are social animals and have gathered in family and wider groups for the purposes of protection and co-operation since we were gathered around fires and sheltered in caves.One theory set out by US developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst Erik Erikson is that we all go through eight stages in which we gain mastery over aspects of lives by coming to terms with conflicting biological and socio-cultural forces.

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