Dating a secret service agent

Agents swear their loyalty to their country, they keep secrets (and yet have to talk to each other), and they are married to the job.

So there is a whole set of issues that a normal couple or potential couple does not have.

The agent who engages in this is very likely to be a Femme Fatale Spy. When two opposite sides work together or have a date together (or both), it's a case of this and When Harry Met Svetlana.

There are also cases where one is a spy and the other is not..first sight.

This trope is a regular part of spy dramas and other kinds of shows where a mission or an investigation is supposed to take place before, during or after the event.

Asked who taught Malia how to drive, the first lady told celebrity chef and daytime talk-show host Rachael Ray in an interview that it was the armed agents who provide around-the-clock security for the family."She always has security around but in order for her to learn how to drive she had to drive on her own," the first lady said during a separate interview on Live! This trope may lead to the fact that two people dating or in a relationship who share the same profession may clash and compete on a professional level.Britton, who told investigators that he "has a history of anger management problems," allowed agents to search his residence.His belongings included 2,000 pages of journals and "drafts for a book Britton intended to publish, entitled, '666.'" Britton’s writings, Szijarto noted, were filled with "references to torture, rape, child pornography, pedophilia, incest, snuff films, and numerous other forms of abhorrent and torturous sexual behavior." An online docket does not indicate when Britton will appear in federal court, where he has been hit with separate counts for threatening Obama and Romney.

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